Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Great Minds think Alike ........

..... so do dirty ones, take your pick."

This is something my father started saying to me about age 12? Somewhere when I reached the age that dirty jokes began to make sense and interest me.  Personally I don't see why someone can't have, and BE, both.

After all, who doesn't like a good double-entendre on occasion?

This will be my second blog.  For followers of my OTHER page on blogger, I will be resuming publishing there in the near future.  I've been wanting to branch out a bit, inspired by NV and several friends in real life.  I've decided it's time to jump off this particular cliff.

Intimacy, love, and sex are greatly discussed and obsessed in our culture.  Each is important in and of itself.  While they are often linked, each stands alone in its own right.  This blog will focus on these themes, with a good dose of fun thrown in 2x week.  At least that's the goal.

So welcome!  Read, discuss, disseminate.  I welcome all comments and emails.  SHALOM!

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