Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TMI Tuesdays PP Style, an introduction

I was first introduced to the world of TMI Tuesday on Wordpress when reading old blogs from NolensVolens' on his first site.  A friend introduced me to NolensVolens' blogs much to my continuing delight.  NV left the first blog, Welcome to My Secret Spot for everyone after he moved his posts to Secret Spot 2.0.  He still plays TNH every week, and it's fun to see.

So, as a way to have fun on my own sex-positive blog, I have decided that Tuesdays will be TMI days.    I like the idea of having a theme around which I can center once post/week.  Sometimes I will play TMI Tuesdays, answering the prescribed questions.  Sometimes, I'll post a more 'traditional' blog, but plenty out there, thus qualifying for TMI land.  

I hope you enjoy reading, and please feel free to submit questions to me via blogger of things you might like me to answer for my own version of TMI Tuesday!


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