Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Give me your bra....

For my first true post in TMI Tuesday, I decided to share a story from my freshman year of high school.

Freshman and sophomore year I was in swing choir.  Think gLee only without all the available costumes, better music, and close friendships.  ;)  Anyhoo, there was a party for those of us in swing choir one night in the basement of one of the seniors.  I don't remember if if was just a goofy party or someone's birthday.  We were goofing off, performing for each other.  Lip syncing, bad skits.  I remember letting go of my nervousness enough to have fun every now and then.

At one point, a pair of senior boys (really snobby, uptight jerks) were lip syncing to Queen.  Another friend and I, Jason, were catcalling along with everyone else.  He and I were in the front row.  At some point, Jason said to me "give me your bra".  When I looked at him, shocked expression on my face, he explained that he intended to throw it on 'the stage' to throw the guys off.

So in a split second I decided to give it to him.  Wiggling with arms under my shirt, I pulled my bra out one of my sleeves.  An old, worn, plain-jane bra.  Ugly as sin.  Jason threw it, and it hit one of the guys in the face.  Jason, I and several ppl laughed uproariously.  The fun ended for me a bit later, though, when I had to get my bra back.  And face the surprised faces and censorious comments of a few gathered.  That was embarrassing.

First time I truly took any clothes off in public, though.  And there's a first time for everything ;)

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