Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TNH: The Maiden Voyage

For my very first TNH I wracked my brain. I had lots of ideas, but no good way to execute them on my own. Not to mention the risk of arrest. Even at midnight. My summer home is rural, but not THAT rural.

Staying with a friend in town this week, mulling over options, an idea hit me. An obvious contrast!

This is my friend's bed. Notice the blue sheet above the traditionally floral box springs? I thought it would work well.  It's only one theme, and an alternate one at that. But I'm the new girl, so I'm hoping you'll be nice  ;)

I will also mention that my friend's apartment is a studio. So I was quietly setting up and taking shots in various stages of undress with her sleeping scant feet from me in the easy chair!  So that's your extra bit of TMI titillation for the day >:)

I twisted and turned and did my best to prop and position my smart phone. This is a LOT harder than you all make it look. I.was hoping to get the shots well aligned for a rollover, but sadly it wasn't meant to be this week.

The final result:

I did it. Rather proud of myself for popping my TNH cherry and joining our naughty little group. Perhaps in time I'll graduate to rollovers. After all, your first time is always the worst ;)


  1. Welcome to TNH!!

    First off, rollovers are not required, nor is doing more than one theme. Some of us are *ahem* rabid over-achievers! LOL

    Hope you enjoyed yourself enough to cum back and do it again. (and again...)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Awesome! I got a kick out of knowing you had to sneak the photos in. Thanks for joining us...looking forward to more TNH from you, under-achiever or not. ;)

  3. Well done! You've gotten off to a great start and we hope you'll continue to participate. We're a pretty friendly crowd, so don't feel like you have to break your neck to fit in. The pictures you shared, plus the background information on what it was like to take them, were much appreciated.

    And those legs - wow. *Drool*

  4. Welcome to TNH and I totally get trying to get shots without being caught. Life with 3 active boys can make it interesting for me to get them pulled off as well. You have beautiful legs.. Welcome to the group. BTW ty for coming by my page. It is not carried on Google so I will tell you its address is

  5. welcome to the TNH party :)

    maiden voyage, love that

  6. Kazi-- tyvm. I'm afraid I fall into the 'rabid overachiever' category myself, but I'll try to give myself time to get there.

    NV-- glad you enjoyed that little bit of TMI. But UNDERachieving? Them's fighting words. Besides, you have a good 8 inches on me. Vertically AND horizontally. You have quite the head start.

    J&J-- glad you like the extra info. I've been reading ppl's TNH's since the first of the year. I'm a talker, so extra info is fun for me.

    AngelShrout-- Thanks for the compliment. I'm a gams gal myself.

    TLP-- I thought about the pun long and hard, just how I like my men, and their cocks :D

  7. Hi! and welcome to TNH :)
    I'm still fairly new myself and am sure you'll love it here.

    I really like your photos and the story behind them. I find it's really arousing to have to "sneak around" to get the photos done. It's not always easy taking photos solo but having to be creative about it is so much fun too!

    I LOVE your legs.. can I trade them for mine? *puppy eyes*

    xoxo Jana

  8. Jana-- I don't know that I found it particularly arousing to sneak around. More inconvenient. My friend can sleep through just about anything, but there's always that chance. Since it's a studio space was an option. I'm still REALLY new to using a Smart Phone, so that's an added challenge. I need to start figuring out ways to prop it up and keep it in place.

    Thanks for the compliment on the gams. I had JUST shaved that day. Too damn hot to be out in capris. I don't know that I want to trade my legs, they're sturdy and get me around nicely. But if you have perfect vision or really good heaing, I might be willing to consider a trade in THAT department. :D