Monday, August 6, 2012

TMI--Tiny Bubbles

Last summer I visited a friend of mine out in rural Illinois, near the Indiana border. Her family had FINALLY acquired a nice piece of property after trying for years. Three bedrooms, so both kids finally have their own. Living room, country kitchen, spare room. Car port, back deck area. Five acres of woods, hills, and some cleared space. It has an old well, and a prairie area for the horses. Finally getting their horses on THEIR property was incredible for them. A fire pit area, a woodland creek, a beautiful meadow in the middle of the woods.

My dog was in HEAVEN!

I enjoyed myself also. My friend's daughter is my favorite neice, and I never get to spend enough time with her. She's growing up so fast I can't believe my eyes. My dog and I had several very nice days decompressing away from the city.

The last full day there, I took a bath. And not just A bath, but a jacuzzi bath. Their combo tub/shower is a mini-whirlpool. Long enough for me to sit with my legs stretched out all the way, plus a bit of wiggle room. The sides are very tall, so I was able to stretch back with good support behind me and feel nicely ensconsed. I carry ALL my stress in my hips and thighs, so I threw in the epsom salts and had a VERY nice, long soak. I played with the location and pressure on the various jets, getting every nook and cranny I had. I'm fairly flexible, and there are SO many jets in that particular tub, that I was able to aim the pulsing water at every knot and overstretched tendon I had.

It was HEAVENLY. I didn't know I could be that loose. Then, wonderfully relaxed, I turned my attention towards other things.

I've never masturbated in a whirlpool before, but GODDESS it was incredible. So many choices for positions, pressure, speeds..... I was even able to tilt my pelvis directly into one of the jets, so that as the water rushed forward on full speed and pressure, it almost felt like I was being penetrated by the most fabulously flexible dildo.

Rarely have I had such a good orgasm.

I was in there almost two full hours.

Now, that time includes somehow standing up, rinsing off, and washing my hair. I had to lie there for quite awhile before I could get to my feet. LOL I did my best to be quiet; after all it was the middle of the afternoon and four people sat no more than 20 feet away in the next room. My friend, her husband, my 8 year old neice and 13 year old nephew! There is NO WAY the adults didn't know what else I was doing in there, :D but the sounds of the motor and jets created a lot of noise on its own.

When I finally emerged, I think I lay down for a nap, but I don't remember. That was certainly the highlight of my day. :) I've been meaning to get back there for a visit. I love and miss my neice and her mom, but DAMN I want time in that tub again. >:-D

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  1. Jill loves getting off on the whirlpool jets! And I love watching her get off in that fashion. She gets off a number of ways, but there's nothing quite like this. Additionally, we love the thrill of getting off while other (uninvolved) people are in close proximity. It can be a challenge to be sufficiently quiet!