Thursday, August 23, 2012

TNH-- fear, addiction, pleasure

Integrating this week's 3 themes for TNH was very easy conceptually, though getting the shots proved rather challenging.

This week's TNH-- main theme of Fear, with secondary themes of Addiction and Pleasure-- was inspired by something I read on NV's blog back in March.  In it, he mentioned a game he and a woman he knows played on a regular basis.  She would ask him what type of underwear she was wearing for the day, and he would have to guess.  If he guessed correctly, then she had to snap a naughty photo of her.

I liked the idea of that game very much.  So I started playing it with a man I know, now living out of state.  I've mentioned him before in my TMI throwback the other week.  I would give him the options every day-- type of fabric, cut of garment (boy shorts, thong, etc), pattern or plain, if plain, then color.  Sometimes I made it difficult in how I posed the question.  Some were 50/50 answers, some weren't.  Occasionally he got it correct, but more often than not, he missed one part.

I quickly became addicted to the game.  I loved the thrill of knowing he was looking at me partly clothed.  Especially since I knew he was doing it at work.  I loved knowing that he enjoyed the game as much as I did.  It gave me great pleasure.  The potential of a reward enticing him. And the fear?  What if he guessed correctly?  Then I'd have to pay up.  And sometimes what he asked of me REALLY pushed my limits. 

But he understood me well, having an idea of just what would be too much.  More often than not I had to take the revealing photo, or follow through on the resulting order at work or school.  That also contributed to my fear.  Dropping trou in the bathroom stall to take a photo?  Yikes!  I have to admit to getting a decent amount of pleasure, a rush if you will, of following his instructions.

We no longer play our game, out of respect for his new partner.  More's the pity.  He may have been tiring of the game, I don't know.  I didn't ask.  Hopefully we can find a new, permissible game at some point.

But as to this week's actual post-- quite a bit of FEAR getting this up and running.  As I've already mentioned, I'm currently without internet where I'm crashing.  Posting from a smartphone is decidedly difficult, although I am able to do the typing without too much worry at a computer lab.  I'm currently at my volunteer job writing this.  It's Wednesday afternoon, and I have a modicum of privacy.  I really wanted to do something fancy, like give you some preview shots of some of my undies.  I have a variety, and several favorites.  But I think getting up one shot may be pushing my luck as is!!!  I snuck into the fully enclosed handicapped stall, and did my best to get a shot for you.  And I can't preview here, only able to unlock one blogger window at a time due to safety filters. 

and now it's Thursday morning, and I'm having to review and post from an open computer in the student Union at school.  Having to load the image from here also.

and YIKES with the FEAR!
I hope everyone enjoys it!!!!!!!

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  1. I am sure you will find someone new to play with... ;)

  2. Nice grabbing hold of your fear and going with it!!
    Hope you get more privacy soon...

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. NV-- you're a new man in my life, is that an offer?? (bats eyelashes) I'm sure we can find a game to play.

    Kazi-- thanks! me too!!!!! I'm hoping to be moved into my own space Labor Day weekend. Cross your fingers!!!!!!

  4. Fun game! Sexy picture! And even better that you managed to make it happen at school!