Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TNH-- Faded, New

Sadly, for this week's TNH, I didn't have to think.  The alternate theme of new occurred quite unexpectedly, and without any joy on my part.

Last Thursday (lovely weather that day) I sat down to wait for the bus.  I was tired, it would be a good 20 minutes, and I didn't feel like holding my bags of groceries.  At some point I felt what seemed to be a sharp pinch or two, as if something had bitten me.  I rubbed and scratched and did my best to ignore it.  After arriving home I continued to rub and scratch periodically throughout the night.  I asked my new roommate to take a look for me.

She told me I had a welt, and asked if I wanted alcohol.

I told her that I had already applied witchhazel, but I couldn't see and wanted to be sure.  I went to bed Thursday night, scratching occasionally.  Got up on Friday, showered, and went about my day.  Mid afternoon my inner hip/upper butt on the right side was still bothering.  I asked a friend to take a look.  She replied that I had multiple welts.  So I asked her to take a picture so I could get a better idea.

taken at approximately 1:30, Friday afternoon.  

As you can see above, I have several larger welts, and many smaller ones, working their way south along my ass.  The creasing towards the upper part of the picture on my skin is from my waistband.  So that gives you an idea for distance.

I put more alcohol on it, tried not to scratch, and sent this photo out to my mother and a few select friends.  By then I was wondering if I had been bitten, or reacted to a plant or something else.  Louis kept saying he thought it was poison ivy.  EEEEEK!  He has had it more than once on his nether regions, poor schmuck.  I KNEW it wasn't fleas.  My dog doesn't have them, they aren't in my bed, and really I'd have more bites everywhere for fleas.

I finished going about my day.  When I FINALLY got home around midnight, I sent out another text.  My mother, the nursing instructor told me it looked like plant.  My sister suggested chiggers.  I twisted and turned tot he best of my ability in the mirror.  Many new ones.  They were larger, further down, and far more of them.  I PRAYED it wasn't poison ivy.  Hoping for chiggers, because those fuckers you can suffocate, I went in search of the nail polish.

I wasn't able to find my clear polish, just one of my nicer, far more expensive colors.  I spent a good 15 minutes on tiptoe in the bathroom, twisting/turning to see, painting a pretty good swatch of ass and hip.  The aforementioned, new roommate inquired about the smell.  I pulled up my nightgown and flashed her my ass.

Sorry gang, didn't think to get a shot of that.  It stung like a sonuvabitch as I did it, but I stopped itching.  So I was thankful.  Waking up Saturday morning, much of the polish had flaked off.

In this shot you get an idea of just how large an area it was.  You can also see how red and angry my skin was.  The benadryl helped with the itch reaction, but the swelling was still prominent.

Louis kept saying poison ivy.  It was creeping SCARILY close to my vag for comfort, so I kept praying he was wrong.  My mother continued to say plant, but not what.  Personally, I have NO idea how poison ivy could have gotten to me at the bus stop in the middle of north city.  There wasn't anything that tall or obvious.  Having the nail polish on helped me keep my hands out of my pants.  By then, I'd already known that I was going to use this for TNH this week.

Roommate and I discussed using her VERY loud, neon nail polish colors to paint a smiley face on my ass.  LOL  She has a great sense of humor, and I'd wanted to repaint.  Sadly, our gas was out.  So not hot water for a decent scrub.  I decided to leave well enough alone in the hopes of no spreading, and the 2nd alternate theme wasn't realized.

Saw the doc for a regular check-up Monday and had her look at my ass while I was there.  Yes, probably plant.  But healing, no worries.  She asked questions to rule out all kinds of unpleasantness.  She just told me to leave it alone and apply calomine or cortisone as needed.

As of today, though, the main theme of faded is fully realized.  Hallelujah!  It's been fading steadily, and still has a ways to go, but you can see how much it has calmed down.

So, there's my TNH journey for this week, complete with me flashing my ass at all kinds of women.  I truly hope that everyone else had more fun "playing" this week than I did!  Be careful out there!  And don't forget to check out The Naughty Hangout to see who else played!


  1. Sorry for all your trouble there! although it did seem to work out fortuitously for you :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. OUch just looking at it made me itch. I am glad it is calming down though.

  3. Poison ivy doesn't have to grow in the city for you to get infected...a person could come in contact with it and then wipe the oily residue off at the bus stop. The thing that sucks the most is...the oily residue doesn't fade over time. Your doc said "Plant" when your discomfort was examined, but you didn't say what kind.

  4. Kazi and Angel--- thanks.

    NV--- the doc wasn't sure what kind, but she agreed w my mom that it was most likely plant since another explanation can't be determined. I have increasingly sensitive skin, and the last week-ish has been INCREDIBLY stressful so that hasn't helped. She examined me, and explained why it wasn't chiggers or a few other critters. She asked various Qs to rule out herpes, etc. But it was in healing phase by Monday afternoon, so that was good.

  5. Sounds like a hell of an ordeal. Sucks that you had to go through it, but we're glad that you're on the mend. Plus you got a very interesting TNH post out of it.

  6. JnJ-- yep. I try to be interesting failing all else. I had a professor at community college who used to tell us on test days: "if you can't be right, be funny." And I got to flash my ass at all kinds of different women, and a few friends, via text message. Quite the little exhibitionist I've become in some ways. :D