Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Fiction: the meteor shower

This may not count as fiction per se, but I've labled it such for easy organizing.  It's is a particularly lovely dream I had one night last week and thought I'd share.  The other individual in the dream is a male friend of mine.  We have some nice flirtations sometimes.  I sent him the dream the following morning via text (about 20 of them, lol) and he enjoyed it.

I also prefaced the story with pictures from the window of my bedroom, showing the outside of my apartment complex behind my building.  This was to set the stage, since the dream occurred back there.  I'd told him I'd text him on the bus filling him in.  but before I got to the action, he wanted to know why he was getting pictures.  --sigh-- Men.  Gotta set the scene!!!!

So, the scene for the rest of you--- there is a LOT of foilage in and around my apartment complex.  Really quite lovely.  Almost able to forget you're in the city sometimes.  One one side (about 300 feet behind my building, which my bedroom window faces) the complex is bordered by a private high school with a large campus.  You can see all the athletic fields, and beyond that a golf course.  Next to the pool, again, more trees and bushes is yet MORE tall bushes.  So, there's a nice private spot about 2/3 around where it takes place.

But the fields are open with nothing to hide you.  And perpendicular is also a building that looks down on the area.  Not as many trees to shield you from prying eyes................................

Beautiful summer evening.  Quarter moon so plenty of light.  We stayed up really late to watch the meteor shower.  About 2am we put on our sandals, grabbed J (my dog), and went back near the pool.  Near the smaller tree that stands alone among all the huge bushes.

That area gets next to NO traffic, so the grass is thick and soft.  I love being barefoot over there.  Sensory heaven!

We walk over hand in hand and kick off our sandals.  We decide on an area at the base of the short, gentle hill so we have a bit of an incline supporting our backs.

AND that area has a lot more shielding from above.  All the better to block out lights to see the sky.  And prying eyes...........

We're JUST getting comfortable and settling in, cuddling up and finding our banter rhythm for the evening when suddenly J takes off after a raccoon.  SIGH  that's my dog.  I have no idea how she might fare if the raccoon decides to fight so I dash after her.  The raccoon disappears into a drain, and with me coming after her J decides she wants to play chase.

It was one of her favorite games when she was younger.  She'll dash back and forth, trying to get me to follow.  Each time going farther away so that I HAVE to follow.  Sometimes doing circles around me and I lunge at her playfully.  Not tonight.  It's late, I don't have shoes on and I want to watch the meteor shower.  NOT chase after my goofy dog! 

You get a real kick out of watching me corral her.  I can hear you laugh while I dash around.

I get her settled back down and return to you.  My hair is completely wild now, and you make fun of me about that, and about me running around after her.  We engage in some friendly banter that culminates in me playfully hitting you and us wrestling.

You get me pinned, and while looking into my eyes, tell me how much you enjoyed the various flashes of leg you got from my long skirt as I dashed around.  From where it parts at the knee where I had it unbuttoned to when I lifted and bunched it to run and move better.

You begin to touch me, and say that you particularly liked how it cupped my ass a few times.  We hold eye contact as you continue to touch me.

You start to lean in, your lips close to mine.  Stretching the moment tortuously.  Just as I close my eyes you whisper: "Meteor shower's starting"

And move off of me.

You're VERY amused by my frustration!

But we settle in to watch the show and have a very nice time.  Cuddled up, holding hands.  My head on your shoulder.  Slowing stroking hands, arms, faces.  Me stroking your chest.  Enjoying being together and the gentle, almost subconscious touching of each other.

We continue to lie there after the shower has ended.  Eventually you start to stroke my legs.  You KNOW how much I love that.

The actual sex details are pretty hazy.  And while we created our own little world, we know there is a CHANCE someone could walk by.  Or be watching from a window.  That excites us both and adds a wonderful dimension to our passion.

Eventually we are both completely naked except me with my skirt bunched up to my waist.

And I ride you.

You dominate me a little, but not much; the sensual 'topping' you do so well.  It was playful, fun, and felt very secluded/private.

When done, you tease me about watering/fertilizing the grass.  Laughing we move over to a dry spot.  You're pleased with yourself, and being that I'm thoroughly satisfied I don't mind in the least.  I enjoy your smug attitude when it means I'm so well cared for.  We cuddle up and unintentionally fall asleep.

We wake as the sun rises, look around, quickly get dressed, and hurry back to my apartment.  Laughing like kids, delighted to be doing the walk of shame.

End of dream.  I woke in a GLORIOUS mood.  I hope to have a dream like that again soon!!

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