Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TNH-- Leisure, Messy, Solitude

I had some great ideas for this week's TNH.  I was fairly certain how to incorporate at least 2, maybe all 3, themes into the same photo.  Alas, this is not to happen.  WAY too much going on and limited computer time.  Hence me being up early this week.

I spent Sunday at the zoo with friends, so there was some leisure.  Got some great photos of several animals in both leisurely and solitary positions.  As to messy......... well zoo, animals....  ;)

Being that my life is extremely messy right now, I'm letting this week's TNH go in the traditional N sense. I take what leisure I can, and would TRULY love to gain some solitude. For about a week undisturbed in my own bed.

But on a happy note, I slept very well last night (Tuesday). This morning I showered and one of my FAVORITE Cosby show episodes was on tv. So I enjoyed some leisure and solitude this morning.

So here it is for YOUR viewing pleasure:

With This Ring, Part 1

With This Ring, Part 2

Happy TNH!  Don't forget to visit The Naughty Hangout to see who else played this week.  And, please, feel free to join us!


  1. I LOOOOOOOVEE The Cosby show. I had missed that episode and had to sit here and watch it cracking up at the faces. ..

  2. The Cosby Show was one of my favorite sitcoms growing up. Until they went head to head with The Simpsons. I eventually caught the ones I missed in syndication.


  3. oh yes, The Cosby Show, one of the jewels of my childhood, while i was watching it first-run as a kid i never knew just how important it would be to me later on in life in forming that beautiful nostalgia arrow :) that's funny, i just started watching a lot of the first-season episodes of A Different World on youtube, the ones with Denise, this spin-off was a series i didn't see the first time around, guess that meddling schoolwork was always in the way...

  4. sure played, all right. ;)

  5. Cosby is like comfort food in tv form for me. I didn't realize as a child how progressive it was for the time, how inclusive. The kids always had multiracial friends. We watched it as a family. And A Different World REALLY addressed social issues. It was well done, better after Denise left.

    And NV-- at least I managed to get SOMETHING up. :p