Monday, October 8, 2012

Random TMI

Our friends over at Wordpress have given us a random TMI this week.  So here goes:

1. Tell us about your sluttiest act ever.
      Probably the one act that I'm TRULY embarrassed over, and don't like admitting to friends.  Though they will here it eventually since they hear everything else!  I was visiting friends a few years ago. Labor Day Weekend to be precise.  Many many adults crammed into that house for various reasons-- unemployment, home from deployment, etc.  A male friend and I got drunk, proceeded to fool around, and then start having SEX not only IN the room with his older brother (whose bedroom he was sharing at the time) but ON THE DOUBLE BED while said brother was sleeping.  Brother woke up, and didn't leave.  And I asked in my drunken stage whisper IF he was leaving.  --headslap--
      It bears mentioning that I had already slept with one other brother in the family regularly, and everyone knew it.  REALLY not my finest moment.

2.  Have you ever played air guitar .... naked?
      No and No.  Making #3 N/A

4.  Are you good in bed, why?
      No, I'm probably not very good in bed.  I hog covers and like to stretch out a bit.  Plus I'm sometimes very restless.  oh wait, you meant in BED bed.  Sorry, I'm not the one to ask.  :)

5.  What FEELS sexy to you tactile-wise (meaning touch, not sight or taste)
      Hmmm.  I like wrapping myself up in a sheet and nothing but a sheet while lounging around the house.  I like the feel of clean linens on a freshly made bed against my clean skin and recently shaved legs.  I appreciate good hand strength in men, whether they are shaking my hand, holding my hand, or doing something to me with said strong hands.  I love having my hair played with and stroked.  I REALLY love having my hair pulled just 'so' by a partner.  I like having my face touched and stroked, and prefer very light touches on my body during intimacy.  Unless we've really gotten going.  Then a more pronounced tactile presence is fine.  I appreciate the physical strength and emotional connection of being held/hugged from behind by my partner.  Someone a good 8 inches taller than me is preferred.  The height difference makes me feel feminine, petite, and safe. 7-10 inches taller is my happy zone.  too much taller get difficult.
      I love the feel of a bare set of balls.  Cleanly shaved.  Only learned recently how nice those feel (and look).  I like the satiny feel of a cock, and the temperature and tactile difference when a bead or two of precum emerges.  I like the feel of body strength under my hands.  Be it strong arms, chest, legs.  Good muscle tone is a turn on.  You can have padding, so long as I can feel good muscles underneath.  Shoulders, though.  Shoulders, arms, and hands......  (fans self)  I like the feel of just the right amount of male chest hair against my bare chest, or between my fingers.  I like the feeling of skin under my fingers and nails as I grip and pull.  I ADORE having a good head of hair to run my fingers through-- and hold on to!!!!-- during sex.
      I like feeling strength under and around me.  Whether I'm being supported physically if I'm weak, held in place during sex, or just being held.  Strength is sexy.  Again, it makes me feel more feminine and safe.  Particularly safe.  It's nice to know that someone else can help or handle things.  I'm pretty strong for a woman and know how much dead weight I can lift from the ground.  (round about 100lbs)  If I can't carry something, knowing someone else can is reassuring.

BONUS:  Write a 6-word autobiography.
      The auto-biography part is hard, so I'll do a 6 word description
  • intelligent
  • insecure
  • loving
  • loyal
  • eccentric
  • eclectic soul, who is JUST a little anal in some regards ;) Note how the list is organized  ;)


  1. Hahaha... I loved your answer to #4!! I am not the best bedmate for those reasons too :D

    Your answers to #5 were great, well-described, and ones I can certainly relate to (though height really doesn't factor so much for me).

    Happy TMI!

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Ohh 5 was an awesome explanation. My husband has strong arms and back and chest and I really need to stop talking about them because he is at work and I am home sick...sighs..

  3. it's the double bed, that extra double can throw one for a loop

    i feel ya on the hair-pulling strength, it needs to be just right so it's sexy, not some sort of hilarious blooper, i need to practice that more ;)

  4. 1. I guess you like keeping it all in the family :D

    4. Huh?

    5. .."I appreciate good hand strength in men"

    That is so very important. Says a lot about a person period.


  5. #1 **shit happens!!** blame it on the alcohol
    #4 LMAO - so good
    I love it!!

    Happy TMI

  6. Great job sidestepping #3. It's kinda tough when there are only five questions and a bonus, and two don't apply.

    The amount of detail and care you put into your answer to #5 is inspiring. As vivid, sensual, and erotic as any TMI Tuesday answer we've ever read!

  7. Great post, loved reading your answers, as always! :)