Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TMI: You Wear It Well

This week's TMI Tuesday comes to us courtesy of the lovely Gemma Jones, and the topic is clothes.

1. What is your most favorite thing to wear in your closet at this moment?
     Well, I've barely started to unpack so in terms of what is IN my closet... not so much.  I don't have any particular favorite piece of clothing right now.  What I AM loving about where I'm living right now and this particular roommate is that we both have a clothing casual/optional mentality.  Me more than her it would seem, but then I'm still crashing on the floor in the living room and her bedroom is completely set up.  But by clothing casual, I mean that I can and do walk around half dressed or completely undressed.  It's comfy and convenient and I'm LOVING having the freedom to do it.

2.  What is the one item of clothing that you have seen on one of your friends / workmates that you would steal for yourself if you had the chance?
     Well, my sister/best friend had something absolutely GORGEOUS this spring that I coveted.  I'd never seen it before and was helping her pack to move.  I think it may have been new.  I don't know what it was but the look in my eyes was pretty clear; she told me I couldn't have it.  ;)  A classmate had on a pretty great pair of boots last week.  But I know they wouldn't have fit, and I don't have the clothes to go with them.

3.  What is the one thing that your partner wears that never fails to turn you on?
     Well, remember that I am sans partner.  BUT a few men in my life wore boxer briefs, and I really like that look.  Wouldn't say it always turns me on, though.  I have a weakness for a handsome man in a well fitting suit.  Or a dress shirt partially unbuttoned.  Or that dress shirt unbuttoned under a nice jacket (no tie). Dress pants or khakis; NOT the chic, casual look over jeans.  Just the "standard" dress shirt, slacks and tie seen at weddings and the like doesn't really do it for me as much.  Although is the man in question NEVER dresses up, it does have an impact.
     One colleague I find particularly delicious is almost always commando.  I don't really notice it anymore, since it's his normal choice.  But when I first found out, knowing about it REALLY turned me on.  He's rather well endowed, and he's more comfortable in a pair of baggy jeans.  His area of the building is technically more casual than my department, although I can get away with school attire on occasion if I need to.  I also like a man in glasses.  Thankfully with the choices available, we're all usually able to find a set that suits us.

4. What is the one thing you wear when you want to attract the attention of your partner or others?
     Actually, this has very little to do with clothes, and more about me doing something with my hair and putting on some make-up.  I may dress a little nicer, or may wear something that's kinda every day and add a pair of earrings plus the hair/make-up.  I'm a VERY wash 'n go kinda gal.  Not grungy, but often casual or weekend wear.  You know, jeans with the zipped sweatshirt over it in cooler weather.  Business casual is generally the most dressed up I get these days.  Sometimes for a date I'll wear a pair of nicer clogs or boots with a higher heel.  Or if I really feel the need to look nice. A 2.5 inch heel instead of the 1inch found on most of my 'dressier' footwear.  Don't do that as much anymore, though.  The neural damage I have from car accidents has made me clumsy.  I trip a lot and am always twisting my ankles.  They aren't very strong these days.
     I do a lot with accessories when I want to dress up.  I have some very nice earrings, rings and necklaces.  Mostly silver and semi-precious stones.  And then I have things that may not "look" like much, but me actually putting something on can be a noticeable change.  Many different sandals in summer, and a few choices for cooler weather when my budget permits.  I tend to buy footwear that lasts and that fits well.  Many scarves and bandannas.  With those I get to express my personality.  When my hair was long, it was scarves around my hair.  I still have them and when dressing nicely those will now go around my neck.  All about blending the solid color with the pattern in the accessory or vice versa.  ;)  I actually bought most of the scarves my freshman year of college.  Had surgery and wanted to cover the neck scars, suture site, etc. 
     These days for convenience and fun it's bandannas.  I wear a LOT of those.  Even had a Deaf woman ask me this spring if I was losing my hair because she had never seen me without one.  I'll wear a very bright solid top with a fun bandanna with neat colors or patters.  I'm VERY liberal and have quite a hippie streak in me personality wise.  Which makes it funny that I mostly tend/chose to dress very conservatively.  The bandannas are a newer aspect of my wardrobe; last two to three years.  Started as a precautionary/safety measure for work, and quickly became a habit.  Since I hate having my hair in my face, it serves a function there.  And I can also stick writing utensils in there like I used to in my braids/ponytails in high school.  As I've mentioned in other blogs, my daily ablutions need to be easy and fast, so that means solids for mixing and matching.  Again with the 'conservative' dressing.  I wear very few prints.  Haven't worn many for a long time, like junior high long time.  Things HAVE to be multi-use.  I have two fun hat and scarf sets for cooler weather, and 6? lovely capes; a crushed, black velvet cape/wrap; a patterned, crushed, black velvet shoulder shrug; a genuine Mexican wool poncho for daily wear; a very classy winter wool coat AND an opera coat that almost never get worn.  Maybe I'll pull out the capes for indoor layering this winter over nicer tops/pants.  And the poncho.  I've always loved it.
     It's nice to have one or two neat pieces for special occasions, but that's currently outside my budget.  And I HATE clothes shopping because of my size.  It's difficult and depressing.  Plus since I'm losing weight (stabilized for now but that will change soon), I don't want to shop for clothes.  I'd rather have a fun pair of hounds-tooth, plaid or pinstripe slacks that can be paired with multiple blouses.  When I DO have the extra money, and a stable size, I try to buy one or two quality, classic pieces per year.  They last forever and never go out of style.  I have some incredibly BEAUTIFUL things in my wardrobe that don't currently fit.  I'm working on that.  REALLY REALLY want to get back down to a size 14 for the absolutely GORGEOUS suits I have.  Eventually I will need suits again in the professional world, and for when I start officiating at handfastings / naming ceremonies again.
     Guess I didn't really answer the question.  oh well.  :D

5. When you want to feel sexy, what do you wear and why?
     For awhile I would wear one of three pairs of boy shorts (in same set) that I own.  One plain yellow, 2 mostly white with patterns including the same tone of yellow.  I bought a few sets for post laser hair removal treatments per my cousin's suggestion.  Made the day or two after less unpleasant.  Not really keen on boy shorts in terms of how they fit/feel.  I want to BE and FEEL covered.  So, yeah, I'm a granny panties gal.  --wince--  Not sexy, I know.  I make it up to myself by getting different colors and patterns if said patterns aren't too heinous.  I'll opt for bright colors if in the same price range, otherwise it's neutrals and pastels.
   I did find a set of three (boy shorts) I REALLY liked color/pattern wise, and they're my favorite undies.  I would wear them for the man I sexted with and played the underwear game with.  Pretty sure I didn't share that with him.  That they were my favs or that I would wear them for him or if I knew I would be seeing him outside of work.  Haven't put them on in some time.  That ship has sailed. 
     I do not have TIME to feel sexy or think about sex right now.  Barely enough time to blow my nose.  The fact that my libido is coming back is kind of a relief.  It means my stress level has dropped and I'm feeling more secure.  But truly, if I'm thinking about feeling sexy, and in the mood to be sexy, I wear nothing at all.  I wrap myself up in an extra flat sheet when home alone, and just lounge around.  It feels decadent and sensual and fun.  I may watch tv, or read a dirty book, or if really fortunate sext/IM/flirt with a friend.  More often than not I sit around for a bit in the quiet, indulge in some light self-touch and self-pleasure, and then take a nice nap while still in the sensual haze I have created for myself.  I don't truly 'masturbate' or even shoot for orgasm.  It's about a restful, quiet, tactile time.  And the naps are usually delightfully rich with whatever my heart most needs at the time.

6. If you had unlimited funds but could only shop for one type of clothing (shoes, lingerie, fetish, etc) what would it be?
     I'm gonna bend the rules a bit here.  HEHE.  In terms of "shopping" I would have most of my clothes made for me.  I would get my choice of fabrics, colors, styles.  I could look at magazines and patterns to get an idea what I'd like. And someone who knows her business could help me really dress for my body type.  Accentuate this, hide that.  Instead of endlessly searching the racks, I would have brief fittings.  I'm also talking knit/crocheted pieces for hats, sweaters, etc.  I know what I like color wise, and what looks good on me color wise.  Often what I like or is flattering is NOT in style.  Or my size, assuming it even EXISTS.  Yay.  Or it's my size but doesn't fit correctly because of how patterns aren't sized correctly through the shoulders when machines crank out tops.  I would look good, feel good, et al.  I'm happy that solids are back in again this fall, and some of the colors we RARELY see are in their 2nd and 3rd go round.  Like rose brown and cranberry.  Those really flatter me.  With luck I can buy a nice piece or two that I can still use a few years from now.
     PLUS when you have someone sewing for you, it's much easier to get the trifecta of comfort, classy, and convenient!  :D

BONUS: Tell us about your favorite scenario, real or fantasy, that involves some kind of clothing or fetish wear?
     uhhhh, never thought about it from that perspective?  The idea of being naked or mostly naked while a partner spanks me is something I'd like to do.  Already experienced it once.  Meaning my ass was bare and he was dressed.  True, you don't have to have your pants down to be spanked, yadda yadda.  I have a few things I suppose I mentally fantasize about and partial clothing is part of the set-up.  But it's not fetish wear, and I don't know if I'd considered it a fantasy until just now mulling over the bonus question.  More of a scenario I pull out from time to time when in a semi-meditative state.  It's a healing 'scene' for me.

     And it's private.

     I've got enough princess in me, though, to love the idea of being really dressed up for dinner or dancing, with the man all decked out in a wonderful suit.  And the natural 'romantic' things would run their course.  Then there's the classic wrapped together in nothing but a blanket on the front porch in the woods type thing.  So I guess I DO have the fantasies, but haven't considered them from this viewpoint.  My fantasy life is pretty tame, and very subdued, though, when it comes to things I would truly like to DO.

So, there you have it.  Different from everyone else, per usual.  ;)  Who wants to be the same, anyway??  Chalk it up to how I think, and my lack of experience compared to many of our other participants.  Parts of it do look rather dull and overly practical as I edit.  Ah well.  Hope you enjoyed reading.

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Come join us!  You know you want to..... ;)


  1. Hmm we are not so different. My size makes me accent the positive, like pushing up my already large boobs. Heels and I don't see eye to eye. Well more like eye to ground, which is what happens if I try to walk in them. http://twistedangeldesires.com

  2. Bandanas, hmm... Pink looks pretty good in a bandana, I think that can work.

  3. oh man, i guess i shouldn't have had that laser-eye surgery, wink wink, or rather, blink, blink, wow, haven't thought about my glasses for a decade now, i think i broke them on their final day like that Twilight Zone episode...

  4. Thanks for stopping by, I agree sans clothes is a very comfortable way to be.

  5. Life is so much better when it's clothing optional. Jill and I have never been fans of wearing clothes around the house. What's the point? If only more people shared your and your roommate's sensibilities.

    All in all, we really appreciate the amount of thought you put into your answers this week.