Sunday, October 14, 2012

TMI extra-- penis edition

These questions come from an old TMI Tuesday I found on The Infidelity Chronicles.  They looked liked fun, so here goes!!!

What's more important, length or width?
If I can't have both..... I actually am not sure how to answer.  The length and skill to hit certain points are DIVINE.  I've only had one that was nice in both length and girth, and he was delightful in MANY ways.  The type of man who is all hard body from daily manual labor, no time in the gym at all (fans self).  I've had a few that were disappointing, but the men themselves were near my height and wiry.  So they were proportionate.  So if I have to choose--probably girth, an average penis with decent girth.

Ever encountered one that was too big for you to handle?
Possibly the one mentioned above.  My worry was pretty evident once I got a good look at him.  He was careful with me, which was nice.  Sometimes he would change his position/technique and say 'average guy size'.  Pretty funny.  I would have enjoyed more time with him had things been possible.  And he hadn't been asking me to send him explicit photos over my cell phone.

Seen a teenie weenie?
Well, yes, I have nephews.  ;)

Weirdest looking penis you've seen?
In my professional capacity I've seen some interesting ones.  And by professional capacity I mean as a direct care provider to people with special needs.  So cut it out.  ;)

Any penis deal breakers?
Filth and smell will do it.  Never been with an uncircumcised male, and not sure I care to.  I don't care how careful you are about cleanliness.....

Best place to put a penis?
Deep inside me if the mood, and the MAN, is right.  ;)

Best all-around penis you've had your hands on?
The one mentioned in the first question.  Gorgeous man, fabulous cock.  There's a very delicious-looking one I'd love to truly get my hands on, as opposed to just through his jeans.  Maybe next life time ;)

If you had a penis for a day, what would you do with it?

Honestly, I'd probably spend a decent amount of time masturbating.  A good way to help me understand the male of the species.  I'd get up and walk around and sit down suddenly a few times, try to get some empathy on that front.  Or is it balls you guys have to be more careful of in that aspect?  I wouldn't go out and get laid, unless maybe I was in a relationship and my partner(s) wanted me to fuck him/her/them.  Wouldn't mind getting a blow job though to see what it's like.  I'd be far less concerned about picking up an STD from a pro if I chose to go that route.  And I'd be sure take time to learn how to hit the bowl correctly without making a mess.  Then any male I know wouldn't be able to talk back about that.  Hit the damn target.  And if not, CLEAN IT THE FUCK UP!

sorry, but boys (especially my brothers) are GROSS sometimes!!!!

Hope y'all had fun!!!

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  1. I loved what you would do with a penis for a day.... I often fantasize about being a male for a day and exploring things from the other side (mostly for curiosity, but partly because understanding might make me a better lover)